Indonesian Alphabet

Moved to Indonesian Alphabet.


5 thoughts on “Indonesian Alphabet

  1. Sorry for such a late reply. I just realized that 4 years should be enough for procrastinating. 😉
    @rodney which part did you not understand? Pardon my bad English. I will try to explain it better if you tell me which part.
    @christian As far as I know, ‘x’ is only used in proper names (brand names, names of people, etc.) and words derived from other language.


  2. […] Unlike in English, other vowels are to be pronounced consistently the same as I mentioned it in my previous post. ‘A’ is always pronounced ah, just like ‘u’ in buddy, bunny, lust, unknown, etc. You know how to pronounced ‘Bali’, right? Yeah, it’s just like that. I, O and U are also always pronounced as the way you read the Indonesian alphabet (as I taught in my previous post, Indonesian Alphabet). […]


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